What we do

Full service events and project management for global companies and social organisations.



Producing impactful events that build and foster greater collaboration and synergy between businesses, society and people.


In today’s technologically advanced world of business and commerce, planning an event is not as simple as before. In the corporate world, companies and large corporations are willing to dedicate their vast financial resources to ensure that their function is the talk of the city.

We understand that you will likely have many events to organise and you are busy dealing with your day to day responsibilities. With Edify Management, you get the best of both worlds – a creative and personal service that’s unique to your business, and promotional expertise that ensures your event is delivered professionally and in line with your budget, timeline and marketing goals.



Our lean, interdisciplinary teams are focused on creating a seamless experience.


Events management & conference organisation

We’ve organised, events, conferences, trade shows and more across Europe and for over 500+ delegates.

Our lean, interdisciplinary teams work in partnership with c-suite executive members, from a wide range of respected sectors from management consultancies to banking and financial services. In this area, we organise events which are driven by industry, region, organisational role and current topics.



delegates looked after at a single event

opportunities created


European cities


Project management & Social action

We love working on projects which help to make society a better place.

Edify works with enterprises and charities with socially responsible initiatives. We help you to create visually immersive events that integrate local communities for the better. Our team can help you produce quick actionable steps, give you strategic direction and create a positive impact.



Always going the extra mile to ensure your event is a roaring success.


A united, intelligent multi-disciplinary team of event specialists, digital marketers and project professionals, we are a resilient team, always going the extra mile to ensure your event is a roaring success.

We deliver a prompt, bespoke service that is confidential and personable to your business goals and needs. Adapting and responding quickly to the fast-paced nature of organising events, we act as an embedded service stepping in whenever you need us. 

We get to know you, your business and your goals. With us, you’ll have an experienced, seasoned event and project planning specialist to deliver your event. 

We’ll get to know you and what your ideal goals and outcomes are, and give you valuable insight to focus on what’s important. Your project will wow your ideal clients and open doors for you and your organisation. 


Let’s unlock your potential, and open some doors.

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