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Edify Management was founded by husband and wife entrepreneurs, Mikhaile and Latisha, with the aim of fostering better collaborations between businesses, their people and wider society.

Our event company aims to:

  • Edify, enrich and encourage the people we work with

  • Act as a socially responsible corporate event planner

  • Provide memorable events for local and international businesses


Latisha Perkins

With a strong background in events and marketing, Latisha heads up the Edify team and ensures clear communication between our event company's clients.

Latisha specialises in:

- Planning and organising events

- Creating effective marketing strategies

- Enhancing business initiatives

Latisha's journey began when she became a freelancer during her university studies. During this time, she was involved in various projects, such as the Metropolitan Police’s I Can campaign and NatWest’s Women in Business project.

Having graduated from the University of East London with a First Class Honours degree in Event Management and an MSc in Marketing from Brunel Business School, Latisha now uses her knowledge and experience of running a successful event company to make a positive impact on businesses and society.


Mikhaile Perkins

With strong organisation and corporate event planning skills, Mikhaile focuses on overseeing company operations and ensuring a positive experience throughout the planning process.

Mikhaile specialises in:

- Organising creative and impactful events

- Corporate event planning

- Managing large projects.

His journey began as an undergraduate where he organised his first-ever event. Working with the University of Exeter, he was tasked with preparing an important educational event that marked the special occasion of Rosh Hashanah (Head of the New Year) with a well-known senior lecturer of religious studies. It was an event that united students from different backgrounds and cultures.

This event was nominated for the Event of the Year award by the UJS (Union of Jewish Students).

Having graduated from the University of Exeter with a BSc in Sociology and Criminology and a professional background as a PRINCE2 and AgilePM project manager, Mikhaile remains passionate about uniting people from all walks of life.

Whether you're looking for a corporate event planner or you'd just like to chat with Mikhaile or Latisha, please get in touch today.


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