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Edify Management began with the vision of Latisha and Mikhaile Perkins who had an idea to edify, to enrich and to encourage greater collaboration across people in business, and people in society. 


Latisha Perkins

I’ve always maintained an interest in events and marketing, including organising events, creating marketing strategies, and enhancing business initiatives. Events to me is a precursor to change, active responsibility and the collaboration of people.

My journey began when I was a freelancing whilst at university. I had the opportunity to work alongside the Metropolitan Police’s ‘I Can’ campaign and NatWest’s ‘Women in Business’ projects.

I am alumna of the University of East London, gaining a First Class Honours degree in Event Management, and Brunel Business School, accomplishing an MSc in Marketing.


Mikhaile Perkins

I’ve always maintained an interest in creative projects; including organizing events and even documenting them through video.

The first event that I organised was when I was an undergrad at the University of Exeter. It was an educational event which marked a special occasion known as Rosh Hashanah (Head of the New Year) with a renowned senior lecturer in religious studies. It brought together students from all walks of life. The event received a nomination for the ‘Event of the Year’ award by the UJS - Union of Jewish Students, a peer-led student charity. From that day, I’ve never looked back… it was the start of something really magical.

I am an alumnus of the University of Exeter, holding a BSc in Sociology and Criminology. I am also a project professional, PRINCE2 and AgilePM project manager.


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