About us

Our story

Edify Management is the brainchild of wife and husband entrepreneurs, Latisha and Mikhaile Perkins.


Where it all started

Working together at a charity event, we saw how we could combine our talents and ambitions together to start an exciting new journey.


We thought about the sort of organisation that we wanted to discover and be known for creating.

The sort of company we are is a company that builds, enriches and educates those we work with and establish a meaningful purpose for our people who are our most excellent resource.

About us

Build, uplift, establish, enlighten.


Edify Management is an events management company based in London, and the brainchild of husband and wife duo, Mikhaile and Latisha Perkins. As the Edify name suggests, they build, uplift, establish and enlighten their clients.

Experts in events management, project management, event production, corporate events, team building events and corporate retreats, Edify Management is a leader in creating memorable experiences and conferences within the financial sector.

A note from our founders

The business was founded in 2017 following our dream to have a different company and represented the things. A company that builds enriches and educates those we work with and establishes a meaningful purpose for our people who are our most excellent resource.

We work with major corporate clients and manage their events locally, regionally and internationally. With a strong focus on the client and event experience, Latisha leads the edify team and works with the company’s clients to ensure clear communication and a positive experience from beginning to end, with Mikhaile working behind the scenes to oversee the operations of the company.


our values & principles

Boldness, Humility, Integrity, Kindness.


These principles naturally govern us. They guide us in how we act and the standards we uphold. We share these with everyone, to maintain a positive message for people to thrive, success to flourish in our organisation.


We are bold. We promote a positive, optimistic environment and delight our clients through high quality services. Have a “can do” positive mindset to accomplish results together. We are always going the extra mile to deliver projects smoothly. 


We value openness and are curious to learn from everyone. We are open to personal change and continued improvement.


We do what’s right for our clients, our society and our people. We are transparent and honest with everyone and maintain an ethical approach to our business. 


We are kind and open to everyone, and value them as people.



We’re passionate about the continuous improvement of our services and people.


ISO 9001

We’ve gained the ISO 9001 accredited status for demonstrating to our clients and suppliers that we have an effective quality management system.

QMS IS0 9001 Certification Edify Management.jpg

Living wage

We pay the Living Wage, making this commitment to ensure the longevity of our business, maintaining the success of our people and our clients. 


Our clients value our honest approach.

Let’s take your event to the next level.