About us

Our story

As husband and wife entrepreneurs, we wanted to create an event management company that represents the principles and core values we believe in.


Where it all started

About our event management company


When working together at a charity event, we realised that we could combine our talents to create something brand new.

We were ambitious and passionate about our impact on society and the wider world. We wanted to be known for creating memorable experiences while educating and enriching the people we worked with.

Thus began our journey and the founding of Edify Management in 2017. Today, we are a leading event agency in London. Our work has a strong focus on the clients' needs and the event experience as a whole.

With Latisha leading the Edify team and ensuring clear communication on all sides, while Mikhaile oversees company operations, we aim to create a positive experience for our clients from beginning to the end.


About us

Our purpose

To enrich, build, uplift and encourage greater collaboration between businesses and society.

Our values and core principles

Boldness, Humility, Integrity, Kindness.

  • Boldness

We go the extra mile to deliver high-quality, impactful and creative projects.

  • Humility

    We strive to continually improve and learn from the people around us.

  • Integrity

We are transparent, open and honest. This helps us maintain an ethical approach to our work.

  • Kindness

We value all people for their individual contributions.



We’re passionate about the continuous improvement of our services and people.


ISO 9001

We achieved this status through our demonstration of quality management principles for our clients and suppliers including.

QMS IS0 9001 Certification Edify Management.jpg

Living wage

We pay the Living Wage, making this commitment to ensure the longevity of our business, maintaining the success of our people and our clients. 


Create the perfect event or project.

Our clients value our creative and conscious approach to event management. If you're looking to plan an event to remember, contact us today.